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Продаётся ледовая арена на Острове Пхукет! ICE ARENA PHUKET

Действующий бизнес , частный спортивный комплекс ICE ARENA PHUKET 

Продаётся ледовая арена ICE ARENA PHUKET на Острове Пхукет @ice_arena_phuket

  • — ледовый каток размером 35*20 метров 
  • — отдельно стоящее здание расположено в яхт клубе 
  • — здание спрортивного комплекса с отдельным входом, рестораном, и служебными помещениями 

Причина продажи — переезд владельца в другую страну
Связь по телефону (Вотсап, телеграмм +66966434651)



The Ice Arena Phuket offers the ultimate ice skating experience for all the family in Phuket. Phuket’s first ice rink offering a first class ice skating facility for all ages and abilities.

Skate hire is included in the price of admission and your shoes will be looked after while you are out on the ice. Spectators can enjoy views from the side or from the 2nd floor overlooking the ice rink.

There are many different skating sessions on offer to suit all ages and abilities, from 1hour skate sessions, family events, beginner lessons, figure skatin lessons and hockey lessons.

Open 7 days a week, our regularly scheduled public skate hours offer you a chance to experience year-round fun!

Times are subject to change and to refer to the online schedule for real time public session schedules

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